Vacation Rentals in Mexico City

Vacation Rentals in Mexico City

Vacation rentals in Mexico City

Wonderful rental locations in Mexico City

Plan your next trip to the beautiful city of Mexico City. Mexico City, which is locally known as Ciudad de Mexico, is the capital and largest city of Mexico. This city is also known to be the most populous city in all of North America, as well as being one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the world. The population of Mexico City is about 9,209,944 inhabitants, making it an ideal destination if you want to enjoy a true metropolitan Mexican city. The city is located in the Valley of Mexico, which is on high plateaus of about 7,350 feet in the center of the country. Mexico City also holds a rich and extensive history. This city is the oldest capital city in the Americas and one of the only capital cities founded by indigenous people. Mexico City was built by the Azteca in 1325 and it used to be called Tenochtitlan.

Vacation Rentals in Mexico City

You can find plenty of stunning rental properties while staying in Mexico City. Whether you want to be in the middle of the bustling city life or situated in the peaceful suburbs, there will be many options you can pick from. Spend the afternoon swimming in your private pool or sunbathing under the warm Mexican sun. Have friends over for some delicious tacos on your patio. Watch the sunset over the city while sipping on a glass of mezcal. These are some of the memories you could be making with accommodation in Mexico City.

Vacations in Mexico City

The area and getting around

Planning your journey to Mexico City will be quite easy. Being the largest city and the capital of Mexico, most of the highways in Mexico will have routes directed towards Mexico City, making it accessible via bus and car. The main bus station for coach buses in Mexico City is the Terminal Central de Oriente, also known as Observatorio. On the other hand, if you want to make your journey by train, you will find that the main train station in the city is the Buenavista station. Lastly, the closest airport to this destination will be the Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México which caters to commercial flights with national and international routes.

Where to eat in Mexico City

The capital city of Mexico will not disappoint when it comes to restaurant choices. If you are looking for an upscale experience, head to Restaurante Nicos. Here you will find a fancy restaurant that serves dishes made only with local ingredients and following tradition. On the other hand, for a unique breakfast experience, head to El Cardenal. This restaurant is located in a historic landmark and will serve you delicious chilaquiles.

Travelers and activities

Mexico City for outdoor explorers

You will be able to enjoy and explore the outdoors of this stunning city in many different ways during your stay. For a special activity, take a hot air balloon flight over Teotihuacan. The Teotihuacán Valley is known to be one of the most spectacular places in the country. Another great activity in Mexico City is hiking. You will be able to find plenty of tours that will take you hiking to the Iztaccihuatl volcano where you will be able to have a panoramic view of the city.

Mexico City for family activities

If you plan to make your trip to Mexico City with your whole family, try out these activities for a delightful time altogether. Learn about the marine creatures of Mexico at the Acuario Inbursa. This underground aquarium has all types of sea life for kids to marvel at and learn about. Another educational activity to enjoy can be found at the Planetario Luis Enrique Erro. This planetarium will provide you and your family with Sky shows, as well as other immersive and informative documentaries.

Did you know that Mexico City is the most populated city in the Western Hemisphere?

Top 5 travel tips for Mexico City

1.Luis Barragán Ho use and Studio

This is the perfect place for architecture and design lovers. This used to be the studio of the Pritzker-Prize-winning architect Luis Barragán and now it's a museum where you can learn about his life and work.


Spend an afternoon walking around a stunning neighborhood. This neighborhood in Mexico City is filled with great boutiques, bars, parks, and restaurants.

3. Palacio Nacional

Discover the most popular landmark of the city. Inside the palace, you will be able to find the famous mural called The History of Mexico which was painted by Diego Rivera.

4.El Moro Churerría

What would a trip in Mexico be without eating a churro. This place is locally famous for having the best churros in town.

5. Templo Mayor

Learn about the local history. This used to be the centerpiece of Tenochtitlán and was constructed in 1325 in the marshes of Lake Texcoco.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Mexico City

How much does it cost to book a vacation rental in Mexico City?

Accommodations in Mexico City offer very affordable prices, with an annual average of $139 per night in the previous year, which makes it the most affordable destination in Mexico.

During which months can you find the best price for vacation rentals in Mexico City?

Travelers who want to be budget-friendly should visit Mexico City in June, May, or April, the cheapest months of the year, with average prices of $121, $122, and $127 per night, respectively, based on the previous year.

In which months is it more expensive to rent a vacation rental in Mexico City?

Analyzing the data from last year, we found that costs per night for accommodation here are usually higher, on average, during the months of January ($158), December ($154), and November ($151).

Are there usually many vacation rentals available in Mexico City?

It is better to book your stay with plenty of time when visiting Mexico City, as only 48% of our accommodations are usually available throughout the year.

Which months offer the highest availability?

The months when it's easiest to find free accommodation in Mexico City are September (the average amount of properties that are available reached 54% of the total last year), April (54%), and August (53%).

During which months is it more difficult to find available vacation rentals?

The month with the highest average booked rental figures is November (only 40% of properties were available on average last year). Followed by December (40%), and then February (40%).

How many rentals does Holidu have in Mexico City?

Holidu offers around 2,500 accommodations in Mexico City from 8 different partners, so find the perfect type of accommodation you are looking for. We've got you covered!

Holidu compares hundreds of websites to find your perfect holiday rental for the best price.

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