Vacation Rentals in Merida

Vacation Rentals in Merida

Vacation rentals in Merida

Splendid rental location by the coast

The city of Merida is the largest and the capital city of the Yucatan state in Mexico. Moreover, it is also the largest city in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can find this city situated in the northwestern part of the state, just a short drive from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The population of the city is a little more than 1.5 million inhabitants, and its metropolitan area includes the municipalities of Merida, Uman and Kanasin. Rich of history, the city was founded in 1542 by Montejo y Leon and it was named after the town of Merida in Extremadura, Spain. To add upon its long history, the city was built on the site of the Maya city of T’ho (also known as Ichcaanziho), which is where the Mayan pyramids can be found. However, its history is not the only attraction you will be able to find here, the city has been host to many global science and sports events as well.

Discover the vacation rentals

There are plenty of options when it comes to vacation rentals in Merida. Whether you wish to be closer to the downtown area to take advantage of its boutiques and restaurants or be near the Gulf of Mexico and immerse yourself in nature, there is a choice for every taste. Most of the accommodations are equipped with various amenities such as pools, air conditioning, balconies and terraces, private parking, gardens, as well as being pet-friendly.

Vacations in Merida

How to get there and what to do

Discover the Yucatan Peninsula

There are many modes of transportation you can pick from to make your journey to Merida. If you decide to make your trip by plane, the Manuel Crescencio Rejon International Airport can be found just five miles south of the city center and it has direct flights to quite a few cities in the United States. From the airport, you will be able to take a taxi or a shuttle bus that will drive you near to any vacation rentals. However, if you decide to make your journey by car, Merida can be found at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula and there is a highway that directly connects the city to Mexico City as well as to Cancun. Lastly, Merida also has two major bus stations which serve regional routes as well as direct routes to Mexico City, Campeche and Veracruz. Once you arrive in Merida, take a stroll around the city center to be baffled by the stunning Spanish style architecture or tour around its outskirts to discover the Gulf of Mexico and the nature that surrounds it.

Where to eat in Merida

Mexico is well known for its traditional cuisine, so while visiting Merida make sure to find some time to hit up some of the local favorite eateries. Head over to Wayan’e to taste some delicious and typical tacos. Whether you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will be surprised by the number of taco fillings you can pick from. On any given day you will be able to find between 30 to 40 different varieties of tacos, ranging from eggs with chaya and chicken in mustard sauce to chicken with poblano pepper and onions. Another foodie lover spot in the city is the Sunday street food in Plaza Grande. Every Sunday the city hosts Merida en Domingo where many little popup stands will show up around the area and provide you with a great selection of traditional dishes such as salbutes and panuchos. If you truly want to eat like a local, this is where to go.

Travelers and activities

Merida for outdoor activities

Its perfect location near the Gulf of Mexico ensures that the city of Merida can provide its visitors' plenty of opportunities to stay active. One of the best locations to visit for outdoor activities is Cuzama Cenotes, after hiking to this area, you will be able to find a gorgeous waterhole where you can go scuba diving and discover the maritime life of the area. However, there are many other diving sites in Merida which are noteworthy, these include Cenote Zaci, Cenote Keken, Cenotillo and many more. For a more tranquil outdoor activity, visit the Parque Zoologico del Centenario. Located in the city center of Merida, in this park you could go for a run, stroll around its botanical gardens or have a nice picnic on its green areas, all while staying closer to downtown.

Merida for families

If you are travelling to Merida with family, it may be interesting to familiarize yourself with kid-friendly attractions. The Hacienda Sotuta de Peon is a restoration project of a historical landmark situated in the center of the henequen zone. Here, you and your family will be able to be immersed in a true restoration of what used to be a fully operational Henequen Hacienda. The location also provides informational tours in English as well as other languages. To dig deeper into the history of the Yucatan Peninsula, head over to the Mayapan Archaeological Zone. You and your family will be able to walk around these ancient Mayan ruins and learn about the life of this ancient population while also climbing to the top of its pyramids.

Did you know that there are four cities in the world named Merida and the one in Mexico is the largest?

Top 5 travel tips for Merida

1. Plaza Grande

When you go to Merida you should not miss Plaza Grande. This central park is full of shaded benches to relax on and nice walking trails to enjoy and explore the city in. The plaza is located near the Casa de Cultura Citibanamex and the Catedral de Merida. Here you will be able to enjoy authentic local cuisine from the food stands, visit some historical monuments or gaze at the unique architecture of the area.

2. Catedral de Merida

Known to be one of the oldest Roman-Catholic cathedrals in the Americas, the Catedral de Merida was built in the 16th century on an old Mayan ruin site. Here you will be able to enjoy a statue of Cristo de las Ampolas which, according to legend, was carved by a tree that was struck during a lightning storm.

3. Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

If you want to learn about Mayan history, do not miss out on visiting this museum. This cultural center has historic artwork and handcraft created by the Mayans and representing their daily life. You can also enjoy the nightly light and sound show that the museum puts up for free.

4. Parque Hidalgo

This park takes its name after the priest Miguel Hidalgo, who led the Mexican War of Independence in the 20th century. Here you can enjoy a stunning landscape filled with lawns, flower arrangements and walking paths. Some days you can even admire the Volcan Tacana from here.

5. Museo Fernando Garcia Ponce-Macay

This art museum, also known as MAKAY, is the ideal place for anyone looking to indulge in their creativity. Not only is the museum free of charge, but it also holds a collection of some of the best contemporary art in Mexico. You will be able to admire pieces from artists such as Fernando Castro Pacheco and Gabriel Ramirez Aznar.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Merida

How much did it cost for a vacation rental in Merida last year?

Merida is one of the cheapest cities in Mexico. An overnight stay there costs on average $142 per night.

What time of year offers, on average, the best vacation rental prices in Merida?

]If you would like to get the most out of your money, the most affordable months to visit Merida are June ($118 the average per night for accommodation), May ($125), and July ($133).

During which months are vacation rentals more expensive in Merida?

Last year, the month that offered the highest average prices in Merida was December, with an average price of $160 per night. This was followed by January, with an average of $159, and then February, with $154.

Should I plan a trip to Merida well in advance?

It is better to book sooner than later in Merida as only 49% of the properties are available throughout the year, according to last year's data.

What are the best months for a last-minute getaway?

The months that offer the most accommodation options are, on average, September (with an availability of 64%), August (59%), and October (58%), according to the trends observed in the prior year.

When are fewer rentals available in Merida?

Vacation rentals in Merida reach their peak in demand in January, with an availability rate of 34%. The second most requested month is December, with 36%, and the third is February with 40%.

How many vacation rentals does Holidu have in Merida?

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