Vacation Rentals in Ensenada

Vacation Rentals in Ensenada

Vacation rentals in Ensenada

Splendid rental locations in Mexico

Plan your next trip in the stunning city of Ensenada. The city is located in the Mexican state of Baja California. If you are looking for a peaceful location not too far from the capital city of Mexico, Ensenada is the ideal destination. Ensenada is known to be a popular coastal city in Mexico and is located just a short drive from San Diego. Also known as The Cinderella of the Pacific, Ensenada will leave you bewildered with its scenic landscape. Moreover, the city has a rich history that dates back to 1703. The city was one of the first settlements in the Californias and throughout the years it emerged as a cruise ship destination, aerospace and diving center. Moreover, Ensenada is also notorious for its wine region. Overall, whether you want to discover the natural landscape, learn about history or sip on some delicious wine, Ensenada will be able to provide it with all.

Discover the vacation rentals

The gorgeous natural landscape and the perfect location by the coast make Ensenada an amazing location for vacation rentals. If you wish to be closer to the city or more immersed in nature, you will be able to find an amazing residential property for you. Take your pet out for a walk along the beautiful coast, dip into your private pool after spending the day strolling around the city, have a cookout in your garden with some friends and family. These are just some of the many opportunities to enjoy while visiting Ensenada.

Vacations in Ensenada

How to get there and what to do

Explore the coast of Mexico

Located just a stone throw away from the US border and San Diego, Ensenada is easily reachable by car if you are coming from California and the neighboring states. However, you will be able to reach the city also by plane and bus. Book a plane into the Tijuana airport, which is the nearest major airport in the area of land in the San Diego International Airport which caters to major airlines with destinations all around the United States and the world. Moreover, Ensenada is also has a bus station with coach buses that have routes regionally and to California. However you choose to make your journey to Ensenada, you will find it comfortable and easy.

Where to eat in Ensenada

Baja California is well known for its cuisine and being located close to the border of the United States, Ensenada will be able to provide you with a mix of traditional Mexican cuisine and American comfort food. Check out La Opah del Guero for a unique experience. This restaurant is known for its Caguama soup, which is a Baja’s gastronomic inheritance from the Sinaloa and Sonora state. For more fine dining head over to El Nuevo Jalisciense. This eatery will provide you with delicious deep-fry dogfish and shrimp in a light with a mustard-colored batter.

Travelers and activities

Ensenada for outdoor activitiesThe beautiful view of Ensenada is already a reason to explore the outdoors of the city. Make your first stop at La Bufadora where you will find the largest sea geyser in North America. This stunning location can be found in the Punta Banda Peninsula and will leave you mesmerized with the stunning waterwork shooting up 100 feet in the air from the sea cave. Another outdoor adventure to partake in is the Las Canadas Ecopark. Explore the city from up high by zip-lining through this stunning park. The route will take you across the gorgeous beach and through the surrounding greenery. At destination do not miss out on tasting the tequila made from the local distillery.

Ensenada for families

If you make your journey to Ensenada with your family, check out one of these locations. El Mirador will provide you with one of the most wonderful views in the city. Take a hike up with hill for a light exercise with your family. Make the best out of this activity by packing some food and having a picnic with your family at sunset. Once you finished your hike, have a local culinary experience in Tacos Lucero. This popular local taco restaurant will provide you with the most traditional and affordable tacos in town. Do not miss out on their notorious tacos carnitas.

Did you know that the first inhabitants in the area settled around 1,000 years ago?

Top 5 travel tips for Ensenada

1. Museo de Historia de Ensenada

Dive into the local culture in this small museum, You will find it situated in the old Riviera del Pacifico building. Here you will also find the Casa del Culturo that offers classes of film and art.

2. Hussongs Cantina

Do not miss out on the place where the margarita was created. This simple, yet fun, bar has a rustic charm and is one of the friendliest services in town.

3. Museo del Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia

To learn about the history of Ensenada head over to this museum. In this museum that was founded in 1939 you will be able to explore artifacts, visit exhibits, enjoy hands-on activities and take educational tours..

4. Caracol Museum

Visiting this science museum is a great activity to enjoy with the younger crowd. In this small museum, you will be able to learn about global warming, the Earth and planets, explore fossils that were found in the area and learn about sustainable energy.

5. Bahia de Los Angeles

An amazing spot for adventure and nature lovers is the Bahia de Los Angeles. In this quiet coastal bay, you will be able to enjoy a nice relaxing day sunbathing, spotting wild dolphins, taking a walk on the beach at sunset, as well as finding one of the best surfing areas in the city.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Ensenada

How much did it cost for a vacation rental in Ensenada last year?

We can see from last year that Ensenada had an average price of $261 per night, a relatively high one for a destination in Mexico.

Which months allow you to save the most on vacation rentals?

]If you are looking to get the most out of your money, the most affordable months to visit Ensenada are May ($238 the average per night for accommodation), April ($246), and June ($246).

When are vacation rentals more expensive in Ensenada?

When it comes to looking for a vacation rental in Ensenada, the months when it is most expensive are, in order of highest to lowest, December, November and February, with average prices per night of $280, $279, and $274, respectively.

Should I plan a trip to Ensenada well in advance?

It is better to book your stay with plenty of time when visiting Ensenada, as only 42% of our properties are usually available throughout the year.

When are more vacation rentals available?

January, February and March are, in order of highest to lowest, the months offering the largest number of accommodations available, with an average availability of 59%, 56%, and 54%.

When will it be harder to find an available vacation rental in Ensenada?

The months with the lowest properties available in Ensenada are, in order, June, July, and August with respective average availability figures of 20%, 29%, and 32%, based on the previous year.

How many rentals does Holidu have in Ensenada?

Holidu works with 5 different partners to offer you an inventory to choose between 470 properties we have in Ensenada.

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