Vacation Rentals in Ciudad de Durango

Vacation Rentals in Ciudad de Durango

Vacation rentals in Ciudad de Durango

Composed rental locations

Take a trip to this bewildering City surrounded by vast, beautiful landscape and experience a vacation with memories you will never forget. Ciudad de Durango is a capital city of a state in Mexico, and the City lies at the extreme North West on the central Mexican plateau. The City has been recognized as the fourth largest in Mexico. The Sinaloa region is neighboring it to the west, and it is more relaxed than most neighboring coastal cities. The cool climate makes it a fabulous holiday destination.

Vacation rentals designed for you

Ciudad de Durango rentals offer cozy rentals all just for you. They have modernly equipped their rentals to provide a comfortable environment where you can relax easily, offering a quiet place to unwind and decompress before going back to your bustle. These vacation rentals are equipped with a pool, barbecue, and a fully equipped kitchen. The basic amenities include a washer, drier, a high-top security system, and high-speed internet. The significant bit of it is they are so spacious such that they can accommodate playful kids and even group gatherings; pets are also allowed in this vicinity if you choose to tag along with your pet.

Vacation rentals in Ciudad de Durango

The area and getting around

A city assiduous with activities

The City boasts many indoor and outdoor activities that you can participate in. Want to hop on a fantastic shopping experience? You can begin by taking your spouse or children around the City; The Paseo Durango is a large famous shopping mall located on the El Lagunero trail on Blvd neat Felipe Pescador in Durango. There is lots of entertainment available in this mall. Take on a dancing competition with your spouse and experience the fun. You can also decide to catch some drinks at the nearby bars inside the mall.

A city full of fascinating activities

With a vacation in this City, you will never get bored. Paseo de Vejo Oesto is a must-visit for you. This is a theme park located on the Carretera a Parral, 12 kilometers on ViicenteChupaderos. These actors stage a lot of entertainment, and the reality is so unique that you will never feel like leaving this City. They also include guest participation on the part of the western movie set. Most of these attraction sites are located within a walking distance, no need to worry about transport. Supermercado jabes is another shopping mall located downtown, and it includes in-store shopping through their vast stores in the state. You can also get deliveries as you order online.

Travelers and activities

Ciudad de Durango for Cyclists

The vast, beautiful landscape offers a suitable area for cyclists with more trails, including bumps and valleys ahead. If you love cycling, look no more, this is the ultimate place to take your skills to the next level. You will be spoiled for choices, and when it comes to choosing the final trail to ride on, the El Elspinazo del Diablo trail is a long trail 156 kilometers in the distance. You can stop at specific stops and take some rest. Other bike trails you can ride onto are La Ciudad cycling and the Mazatlan. These trails are full of fantastic adventures as you go past them, making them the perfect holiday destination.

Ciudad de Durango for food lovers

Treat your taste buds with their unique dishes and delicacies from the top hotels and restaurants. The La Fogata restaurant on the El Lagunero trail contains delectable dishes. They become so sweet to the extent you feel like overeating, their seafood will make you never want to leave the City. If you are searching for food that will leave your mouth hot due to the chilly flavors and taste, then visit the Restaurant la Patagonia is a modern restaurant that has an array of types of food, most especially spiced.

Did you know that the famous Pancho Villa used to live in Ciudad de Durango!

Top 5 travel tips for Ciudad de Durango

1. Catedral Inmaculada Conception

You will never stop getting amazed; this is Ciudad de Durango, an ancient historical building located on the Av. 20 de Noviembre that dated back to its start in 1695 and finished in 1844. Visit this place and get to learn and see more

2. Zoologlco Sahuatoba

If you love watching animals or wildlife, you are not left behind, this zoo is located on the guardian S/N, Prque Sahuatoba. Most of the big cats are in this zoo take a picture with a tiger, and that's a well day spent.

3. Museum Archaeological Zone La Ferreria

If you love history and all it has geographically, trek to this part of the City and discover caves and small structures hidden away from the masses, and the history is just so exciting.

4. Museo Tunel de Minerea

This is a geographical museum located on 20 de Noviembre y Fransisco. It includes underground trails where mining occurred. These paths have been renovated with modern lighting, all but for you to explore.

5. Bebeleche, Museo

This is the perfect destination to bring your children to. They include 3D movies at a kid's activity. Don't let your children miss out on these fun activities.

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