Vacation Rentals in Mauritius

Vacation Rentals in Mauritius

Apartments in Mauritius

A holiday apartment in Mauritius

The island state of Mauritius lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is considered a holiday paradise thanks to its primeval forests and the white sandy beaches lined with palm trees. A vacation rental on Mauritius is most likely to be found in the numerous coastal towns such as Albion, Black River and Roche Noires. Thanks to the connection to the coastal road, which once circumnavigates the island, you are there despite the quiet location as well connected in terms of traffic as with an apartment in the capital Port Louis. You will live in a vacation rental in the heart of the island, surrounded by picturesque lakes, rugged mountains and deep forests.

Sunset on Mauritius
Sunset on Mauritius

Holidays in Mauritius

Travelers and Activities

Mauritius for nature lovers

The tropical flora and fauna of the island makes Mauritius a paradise for nature lovers who have always wanted to explore the fascinating world of the rainforest. In national parks such as the Black River National Park in the south, you'll see 670 species of colourful flowering plants and may even be lucky enough to see rare animals such as the smoky grey flying fox and numerous parrots in the wild while enjoying a piece of wild pineapple.

Mauritius for divers

For divers and snorkelers there is hardly a better spot than the coastal waters off Mauritius. The numerous dive centers offer regular tours to explore the treasures at various dive spots, many of which are rated "Five Star Dive". A highlight is the snake reef, which is not only dotted with colorful corals, but also hosts a variety of wrecks where sea snakes, lion fish and manta rays have made themselves comfortable.

Things to know

Colonial history of Mauritius

Mauritius has an eventful history behind it, which is still reflected today in the everyday life of the people. After colonisation by the Portuguese in the early 16th century, the Dutch took over the colony until they were replaced by the French in 1715. Even though the British replaced the French at the beginning of the 19th century and released the country into freedom in 1968 after more than 450 years of foreign rule, French still dominates culture and language today.

Best travel time

The tropical climate makes Mauritius a popular destination for winter refugees from December to April. However, the climatically optimal travel time is before or after the rainy season between June and November. At this time, the average maximum temperatures of 24 to 27 degrees Celsius are not quite as high as they are at the same time with significantly low humidity. Water temperatures of 23 to 29 degrees Celsius, however, invite you to swim all year round.

Mauritius is the fifth country in the world where people began to use stamps. Even today, the red and blue Mauritius are among the rarest stamps in the world.
Aerial Mauritius
Aerial Mauritius

Top 3 travel tips

A detour into the valley of colours

The Valley of 23 Colours is a natural park in the south of the island that attracts visitors with its different coloured earths, rocks and plants and promises a feast for the senses. You have the choice whether you want to explore the valley on foot, by quad bike or from an airy height on the Zipline.

Visiting crocodiles and giant turtles

In the crocodile and giant tortoise park you come closer to the reptiles than in any other place in the world and learn everything worth knowing about the animals from the rangers who lead you through the lush greenery in the shade of banana trees and giant bamboos. The highlight of every tour is a stroke with the giant turtles, often more than 100 years old.

A visit to the Mauritius Aquarium

If you want to see the maritime world of the island on dry land, you should visit the Mauritius Aquarium. Located in the northwest of the island, the aquarium is home to over 200 species, including both sharks and exotic species such as the devil lionfish and numerous fluorescent reef dwellers.

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