Vacation rentals in Penang

Vacation rentals in Penang

Vacation rentals in Penang

Luxurious and modern vacation rentals with a sea-view

There are many places around the world to spend your vacations, so if you don't know where to go yet, Holidu here shows you a wonderful option. On the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia, you'll find a paradise full of culture, history, and natural beauty, with plenty of places to see, delicious food to try, and amazing accommodations to relax in. And speaking of accommodations, these rentals are perfect for those hunting for something spacious and luxurious in style, with large and comfortable spaces, and as a bonus, many of them have incredible ocean views.

Comfortable rentals with everything you need for your trip

As well as being stylish and elegant, these rentals come fully equipped, so you don't have to worry about anything during your vacation. With large, spacious and well-lit rooms, you will have all kinds of appliances at your disposal such as washing machine, fridge, microwave and coffee maker. They also have internet connection, television, and all rooms are fully furnished, ready to simply come and relax after a long day of exploring. Come and discover this paradisiacal island and enjoy the best vacation of your life! Book your rental now.

Vacations in Penang

The area and getting around

A vacation island waiting for you

Penang is not unknown to the world, as it is not only one of the most important states in Malaysia, but also one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. It's nicknamed the ''Pearl of the Orient'' and once you arrive you'll realize why, as it's a vibrant state where everywhere you go you'll find something interesting to see. It's a land where the modern meets the ancient, so you'll find large, imposing buildings in the streets, but at the same time small, colorful alleyways, traditional restaurants and gift shops with unique and interesting items. Tourism is obviously one of the main sources of income in Penang, so it won't be difficult to find guided tours to help you enjoy the state more fully. But if you want to venture out on your own, it won't be too tedious either, as no matter where you go you'll find someone who can give you directions and even recommendations if you don't know what's best to visit.

Many natural wonders close to your

Penang is well known for its many natural wonders to explore, and while it's true that you have to travel a little way out of the city to visit them, the trip won't be too long, nor too tedious. You can travel to places like the Penang National Park which is only an hour's drive, if you want to visit, there are gardens that will only take you 20 minutes to get to, there are also temples that a bus can take you to and depending on where you take it can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour's drive. No matter where you want to go there will always be a bus or car route that you can take without getting lost, whether you use a physical map or GPS, the signage is very helpful and easy to understand for those tourists venturing out on their own.

Travelers and activities

Penang for beach lovers

If you come to this fantastic island, a visit to its beaches is a must, as they are one of the main attractions of the state, and for good reason. One of the beaches you can visit is the popular Batu Ferringhi, a long stretch of sandy beach with captivating aquamarine waters, beautiful trees and lush palms that act as a fantastic natural backdrop. It's equally popular because many water sports enthusiasts come to take advantage of the vibrant atmosphere here, where they can parasail, jet ski and even paddleboard.

Penang for culture lovers

Now, if you want a change of scene, Penang is a land of culture everywhere you go, so finding an interesting spot won't be difficult. One of them is the legendary Kek Lok Si Temple, a temple that is over a hundred years old and holds the title of being the largest Buddhist temple in all of Malaysia. This incredible building has numerous floors, thousands of sculptures of gods and goddesses, and even a gigantic statue of a Buddha approximately 121 feet high. As well as attracting tourists from all over the world, it also attracts faithful Buddhist pilgrims, as you'll find prayer halls, beautiful ponds and stunning manicured gardens.

The name ''Penang'' comes from the Malay word Pinang, meaning betel nut tree.

Top 5 travel tips in Penang

1. Discover the amazing Butterfly Farm Entopia

This is one of Penang's main tourist attractions, as approximately 15,000 butterflies live inside this fabulous greenhouse and fly freely around the premises. Once inside you will notice the lush tropical vegetation, small caves, wild gardens, and even areas where turtles, frogs and iguanas live. Simply a visual delight for visitors.

2. Stroll around the historical streets of George Town

George Town is the capital of Penang, a place where a wide variety of cultures mix, and once you walk through the streets you will realize this. It combines European and Asian architecture, and one of the most visited areas is around the Lebuh Acheh mosque, where you'll find many Chinese buildings and shops, British colonial houses and incredibly luxurious mansions.

3. Visit the interesting Fort Cornwallis

Considered one of Penang's most important monuments, this incredible 18th century fort still retains much of its original structure. Stroll around the immense lawns that line the fort, and once inside visit the old prison cells, the various exhibits that explain the history of the fort, and see the iconic tripe that soldiers used to fire in those days.

4. Enjoy delicious food at Batu Ferringhi

This market is open every day until midnight and has more than 100 food and craft stalls. Stroll through its colorful aisles, enjoying the diverse colors and aromas of the freshest ingredients, plus you can come and dine at the dozen or so restaurants open during the night. From heavy meals like chendol teochew, to delicious desserts like shaved ice filled with rice jelly.

5. Explore the beautiful Penang National Park

You can't leave Penang without visiting its amazing national park. Although it's not too big, at just 8.8 square miles, you can still spend a day enjoying all it has to offer, including 400 species of plants, as well as lush forests and mangroves. There is also a stretch of coastline which you can cross on a wooden bridge, and this mechanism also lies within the park's jungle where you can pass from canopy to canopy through trees that can reach up to 1,000 feet high.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Penang

What is the average price for vacation rentals in Penang?

With an average cost of $162 per night, Penang lies at the upper end of the price range for vacation rentals in Malaysia.

During which months are vacation rentals cheaper in Penang?

According to our most recent data, the months that hurt your pocket the least in Penang are June, July and September, with average prices of $114, $136, and $143, respectively.

During which months are vacation rentals more expensive in Penang?

Last year, the month that showed the highest annual average prices in Penang was February, with an average price of $203 per night. This was followed by March, with an average of $190, and then January, with $189.

Is Penang a good location for a last-minute getaway?

Here, last-minute travelers are welcome, because the average availability in Penang is 63%, which is above average for Malaysia, based off last year.

What are the best months for a spontaneous getaway?

The best months to find available accommodation in Penang are September (the average amount of properties that are free reached 66% of the total last year), July (65%), and May (65%).

When will it be harder to find an available vacation rental in Penang?

The months with the lowest properties available in Penang are, in order, January, December, and November with respective average availability figures of 54%, 56%, and 62%, based on the previous year. However, even during the busiest months the availability rate average is 57%. It will therefore be trouble-free to find your dream accommodation no matter the time of year.

How many vacation rentals are there in Penang?

In Penang we offer you an extensive catalog of around 1,300 properties, with options to suit everyone, thanks to our 5 local and international providers.

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