Vacation Rentals in Amman

Vacation Rentals in Amman

Vacation rentals in Amman

Oriental cosmopolitan city between tradition and modernity

Sandstone coloured facades, warm desert winds, magnificent houses of prayer and lively squares can be found in the metropolis of Amman. Modern shopping centres, entertainment programmes together with traditional craft businesses and tea rooms form a varied contrasting programme. In the heart of the historic Old Town you will find an apartment or vacation rental just a few hundred metres from the Bazaar Suq or the Royal Automobile Museum. A little off the beaten track you will also find a vacation rental in the upscale residential areas or a rural villa with panoramic views over the city.

Holiday in Amman

Location and orientation

Capital of the Jordanian Kingdom

In the north-west of the country Amman is the centre for economy, politics and finance. The metropolis with two million inhabitants lies at an altitude of 784 metres surrounded by desert hills and the fertile Jordan Valley.

Amman is called "the city of the seven hills". However, the urban area comprises 19 hills.

Top 3 travel tips

1. Ritual place of Islam

On the Jebel al-Weibdeh hill is the King Abdullah Mosque, one of Jordan's most important prayer houses. The magnificent dome was built under the direction of King Hussein I in 1986. Non-Muslims are also allowed to enter the mosque and visit the Museum of Islamic Religion and History.

2. Prehistoric treasures

Throughout the city there are spectacular legacies of past cultural eras. Among the most fascinating sites are the ruins of the Amman Citadel from the Middle Bronze Age and the Roman Theatre from the 2nd century. Visitors to the Archaeological Museum, whose exhibits date back to the Neolithic Age, get an interesting overview of Amman's development.

3rd Majestic Desert Castle

South of the capital, Qasr Mschatta Castle is enthroned on the grounds of Queen Alia Airport. The remains of the magnificent building are one of the most important testimonies of early Islamic art. In the year 744 the palace was built under the caliph Yazid III and reconstructed since 2009. Among other things, the enclosure wall, archways, the reception hall and a ballroom can be seen.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Amman

How much did it cost for a vacation rental in Amman last year?

Amman is one of the most expensive regions in Jordan. An overnight stay there costs on average $123 per night.

When are vacation rentals cheaper in Amman?

Travelers who want to be budget-friendly should travel to Amman in April, October, or September, which are the months that offer the most discount, with average prices of $107, $115, and $118 per night, respectively, based on the previous year.

When are vacation rentals more expensive in Amman?

When booking a vacation rental in Amman, the highest prices are found in the month of November (with an average of $135 per night), followed by August ($130), and then July ($129).

Are there usually many vacation rentals available in Amman?

To plan your trip to Amman, it is not necessary to be organized well in advance. It has a high annual average availability of 67%, which allows you to be more flexible with your planning.

When are more vacation rentals available?

The months that offer the most accommodation options are, on average, March (with an availability of 73%), April (72%), and February (71%), according to the trends observed in the prior year.

During which months is it more difficult to find available vacation rentals?

According to data from last year, the months when it is most difficult to find accommodation in Amman are, in order, December (with 58% of available rentals), January (62%), and November (62%). However, there is no need to worry because even in the months with the least availability the average is 60%. It will therefore be trouble-free to find your dream rental no matter the time of year.

Are there many rentals in Amman?

Holidu has around 380 properties in Amman, provided by 6 different partners.

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