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Popular Accommodations in Japan

Lodge for 4 people, with balcony/terrace
1 review
Chubu Region
$288per night
Villa for 10 people, with balcony and pool
10 pers., 3 bedrooms, 2,411ft², 3.5mi to the beach
2 reviews
Okinawa Prefecture
$538per night
Apartment for 4 people
9 reviews
Tokyo, Kanto
$131per night
Vacation house for 4 people
4 pers., 1 bedrooms
Kyoto, Kinki Region
$704per night
Apartment for 3 people
Kyoto, Kinki Region
$35per night
Resort for 4 people, with garden
Nagasaki Prefecture
$48per night
Vacation house for 12 people, with jacuzzi
12 pers., 5 bedrooms, 7.4mi to the beach
6 reviews
Tokyo, Kanto
$219per night
Lodge for 4 people, with terrace
$398per night
Vacation house for 3 people, with garden
7 reviews
Yamanashi, Chubu Region
$229per night
Apartment for 4 people, with jacuzzi
2 reviews
Osaka, Kinki Region
$35per night
Apartment for 15 people
21 reviews
Tokyo, Kanto
$558per night
Vacation house for 5 people, with jacuzzi
Osaka, Kinki Region
$123per night
Apartment for 2 people
97 reviews
$125per night
Vacation house for 5 people, with jacuzzi
5 pers., 2 bedrooms, 65ft²
Kyoto, Kinki Region
$357per night
Villa for 7 people, with terrace
12 reviews
Tokyo, Kanto
$202per night
Apartment for 8 people
8 pers., 3 bedrooms
11 reviews
Osaka, Kinki Region
$380per night
Apartment for 10 people
Osaka, Kinki Region
$228per night
Apartment for 6 people
Hiroshima, Chugoku Region
$51per night
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Highlights in Japan

  • Metropolis of Tokyo
  • Mix of skyscrapers and traditional temples
  • Kouri-jima Iceland
  • "Akiyoshi Limestone Cave"

Most popular in Japan

Internet 1,606
Balcony/Terrace 432
TV 1,299
Air conditioning 1,533
Parking 617
Washing machine 1,424
Jacuzzi 746
Heating 1,371
Elevator 473

Holidays in Japan

Location and orientation

The country Japan

The fourth largest island state in the world, Japan, comprises 6,852 islands and is located in the Pacific Ocean. It borders indirectly on Russia, China, North Korea and also South Korea. The capital is Tokyo and this is also the largest metropolis of the country. A total of 127 million people live here.

Journey to Nippon

Of course you can reach your destination - called "Nippon" in Japanese - by plane. Many major airlines fly to the island regularly, with Tokyo and Osaka being the largest airports. From there you can get to your holiday destination relaxed by train or rental car.

Travelers and Activities

Japan for families

If you book a vacation rental in Japan, then you should absolutely walk with your children on the traces of popular manga figures. Special tours can be booked for this. You can also enjoy an exciting day with a cable car ride in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Here not only breathtaking nature is offered to you, but also all kinds of exciting activities for young and old. Also the red face macaques provide mood. Your kids love dangerous animals? How about visiting the "Okinawa-Churaumi" aquarium, where the infamous whale shark can be admired?

Japan for metropolitan fans

You love the magic of big cities? Then you've come to the right place on this densely populated island. The capital offers a lot to see with all its museums, skyscrapers, the "Tokyo Sky Tree" and sometimes very modern parks. Osaka, with its exciting mix of modern Skyscraper architecture and traditional temples, is also a must-see. Somewhat smaller, less touristy, but nevertheless absolutely worth seeing is the city Hamamatsu, which is located directly at the Pacific Ocean.

Whale meat is the new sushi. For the Japanese, eating the sea mammal is an integral part of their culture, even if they are severely criticized for it.

Top 5 travel tips

1st Fushimi Inari-Taisha

You should definitely visit this famous place if you are renting an apartment in Japan. The Shinto Shrine is located in the city of Kyoto and is one of the most famous of its kind. The shrine could also be seen in many films, such as "The Geisha".

2nd Kouri-jima Island

You shouldn't miss this when renting a flat in Japan: the picturesque island of Kouri-jima. Here you will not only see the "Heart Stones", but also beautiful beaches. Of course you can also rent a chalet here and explore the small island of Japan on your own - by the way, it is practically connected to the mainland by a road - in peace and quiet.

Third, Akiyoshi Limestone Cave.

You just can't let this cave escape you. The entrance to Japan's largest limestone cave alone is worth seeing and admiring. The attraction in the Yamaguchi region is also embedded in a national park.

4th Kyoto and the Temples

From Tokyo you can easily reach Kyoto by train and discover the city and temple on your own. Whether in optical contrast to modern skyscrapers in the middle of the city or quite picturesquely idyllic in the bamboo forests, the religious buildings are ideal for amazement and reflection.

5. Tokyo

If you are in Japan, you should definitely explore the capital and get to know its rhythm. Stroll through the city, experience the people and the Asian food and let yourself be enchanted.

Things to know

The school system

The Japanese are known for their school education. Society attaches great importance to a proper upbringing, which is why strictness is part of the agenda. School uniforms are also compulsory.


Due to the length of the country, you must always use the specific data of the respective region for the climate. In general, spring and autumn are particularly suitable for a trip because they are particularly mild and friendly. How about a visit to Japan's vacation rental in May? Then you are at the beautiful cherry blossom time on site.