Vacation rentals in India

Vacation rentals in India

Vacation rentals in India

Awe-inspiring properties available to book

Featuring a wide range of natural environments and enjoying numerous attractions that present religious purposes or are just for plain pleasure, the marvelous country of India will be a promising destination where to spice and change your routine. Complementing the experiences with dream-like residences in various spots of the country such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and even Rajasthan, this wonderful country will be able to assure you that fantastical vacation you've been longing for the longest time. So, if you're still debating where to spend your break this season, take a look at the diverse locations India has to offer and spend your trip on snowy mountains or cities filled with beautiful mosques.

Fully-equipped rentals where to relax and unwind

Featuring lovely spaces that are 100% secure for pets and children and presenting luxurious amenities, like pools, saunas and hot tubs, that are uniquely for your pleasure, the rentals and rentals of India will be the final touch you'll need to make your vacations in the nation suitable for all wants and needs. Furthermore, boasting grand spaces for all kinds of groups, these properties will be able to accommodate up to 10 people, offering the perfect lodgements where to enjoy breaks with a couple, family or numerous friends. That's why, if you're planning the trip of your dreams and are looking for the ideal place, choose India and its residences and spend an unforgettable time in South Asia.

Vacations in India

The area and getting around

The outstanding Taj Mahal, an eye-catching world wonder to see

Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and categorized as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the Taj Mahal is the most popular attraction to be found in the entirety of India. Built between 1631 and 1654, this magnificent structure features a combination of Hindu, Persian, Islamic and Turkish architectural movements, which has earned it the title of the most beautiful palace in the world and representing a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. Moreover, featuring grand, magnificently decorated interiors, picturesque gardens and beautiful adjoining areas, this iconic landmark will be a fantastic sight you cannot miss while staying in the country. Visit the Taj Mahal and learn about the history of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal as you wander through beautiful spaces and explore grand structures in the wonderful capital of India!

Amer Fort, an astonishing space where architecture and history meet

Erected in 967 BC, preserving thousands of years of history within its walls, the Amer Fort is another iconic Indian attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site not to be missed during your trip. Known as the main landmark of Jaipur, one of the country's great cities, this structure has many similarities with the Taj Mahal in the sense that its architectural features and beautiful decorations are the first reasons why tourists and travelers are interested in visiting it. Featuring numerous portals, courtyards, gardens, wings, underground tunnels and even an imposing wall, every holidaymaker who ventures to explore the area is in for a magnificent experience full of art and history. Surrender yourself to the diverse charms that the Indian territory has to offer and learn all aspects of the country most entertainingly this season.

Travelers and activities

India for nature lovers

Boasting the title of the seventh-largest country in the world, India undoubtedly enjoys a vast territory where nature lovers will find numerous environments in which to study and admire the nation's species and breeds. Showcasing and preserving the flora and fauna of the country, these attractions will present interesting specimens to see and learn about, offering a fantastic experience for any tourist visiting the area, regardless of which kingdom is the most appealing to them. Featuring species in their natural habitats, attractions such as Ranthambore and Valley of Flowers National Parks are some of the best options we can recommend this season thanks to the detailed and completely realistic view they offer visitors safely and excitingly. In addition, these parks will also offer fabulous natural wonders such as awe-inspiring waterfalls, towering mountains and beautiful wetlands that will make the visit even more interesting. So, if you wish to be amazed by the diverse natural spaces that India has available, don't hesitate to explore the nation's national parks during your stay.

India for families

Featuring spaces that are 100% suitable for people of all ages, the magnificent nation of India is a perfect destination for a fun-filled family vacation. Offering numerous attractions that contain interesting, thrilling and adrenaline-filled recreations, parents, children and even grandparents will have something promising to entertain themselves during their visit. Known and loved by the nation's residents, attractions such as Imagicaa and Nicco Park are the best options to go for but, apart from that, the country also contains plenty of themed alternatives where you can have fun with your loved ones. Ride the tallest roller coasters in the complex, go on the most daring slides and have a thrill-filled experience visiting the theme parks scattered across the Indian territory during your stay!

The game known as ladders and snakes was created in India, used as an inclusive way to teach people the lessons of Karma.

Top 5 travel tips in India

1. Explore their striking mosques and temples

Comprising a total of three hundred thousand mosques and two million temples in its territory, a visit to some of India's sacred grounds is more than necessary when in the area. Featuring magnificent structures and fabulous masses that stir the souls of believers and agnostics who visit them, these beautiful buildings will present an iconic visit regardless of whether the reason for visiting is religion or architecture. Prominent among their millions of alternatives, the mosques and temples known as Meenakshi Amman, Shri Laxmi Narayan and Akshardham are fantastic options not to be missed for anything in the world. So, whether you visit to enjoy the eye-catching decorations or the enlightening services, India's holy grounds are the nation's must-visit attractions!

2. Splash around the coast of the country and have a fun time

Offering relaxing, safe and romantic experiences for the families and couples of the world or thrill-filled visits for groups of friends from abroad, the beaches on the coast of India will be some of the many paradisiacal attractions you won't want to miss this season. Boasting long stretches of golden sand and contrasting turquoise waters, these fantastic shores will be all you need to forget that boring and exhausting routine you have back home. Some of the most popular and popular options that we can't help but recommend are the Calangute, Radhanagar and Golden's beaches that enchant every resident or tourist who dares to visit them. Dare to explore the shores of the nation and discover the many natural wonders that the territory of India has available for you!

3. Spend a unique experience at Snow World

Located in the heart of Noida's fantastic DLF Mall, it is another one of the dreamy experiences that the Indian territory has to offer this season. Boasting large spaces to enjoy numerous snow sports, this gated resort will be the perfect place for those who wish to experience snow but are not visiting the area in season. Likewise, featuring graceful decorations with a ski resort theme, this resort will be a great place to take fantastic tourist photos to remember your great vacation with all the love in the world. Glide through the snow and live unforgettable experiences with your companions, sharing moments at Snow World this season.

4. Stroll around the ruins of Golconda and learn about the nation's past

Built on a granite hill over 393 feet high, the majestic city of Golconda is sure to present a unique glimpse for every tourist and traveler who dares to visit its area. Presenting its beginnings in 1143, this abandoned fortress and city are known today for being the excavation sites of important diamonds in history but, in addition to those features, this Indian attraction presents a historical role of the nation, which tourists can discover while enjoying a detailed tour of the structures and ruins of the area with a knowledgeable guide. Relive shocking events as you walk through the grandiose wings of a Hindu fortress to learn about the history of this mystical South Asian nation.

5. Wander India's market and get to know their local wonders

Decorating the restless streets of India with colorful stalls filled with all kinds of products, India's markets are a must-visit spot for any tourist or traveler to complete their visit to this great Asian nation. Featuring a myriad of stalls selling everything from the most beautiful jewelry to the most delicious snacks, these markets will present you with the perfect places to experience various aspects of India. Featuring diverse themes, spots like the Janpath Market, focused on local artisan talent, and Chandni Chowk Market, specializing in the country's traditional and street foods, will be the ideal options to get to know this nation as much as possible. So, if you find yourself interested in buying a variety of delicious items and snacks during your stay, don't forget to check out the iconic markets that India has available for you!

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in India

How much do you pay, on average, for vacation rentals in India?

Last year, rentals in India had an annual average cost of around $138 per night.

What time of year offers, on average, the best vacation rental prices in India?

]If you are looking to get the most out of your money, the most affordable months to visit India are October ($120 the average per night for accommodation), September ($123), and December ($125).

In which months is it more expensive to rent a vacation rental in India?

When it comes to looking for a vacation rental in India, the months that cost the most are, in order of highest to lowest, April, May and July, with average prices per night of $160, $158, and $152, respectively.

Do I need to plan a trip to India well in advance?

To discover India, you don't need to be organized far in advance. It has a high annual average availability of 74%, which allows you to be more flexible with your planning.

What time of the year can I find more available vacation rentals?

February, March and July are, in order of highest to lowest, the months that have the largest number of accommodations free, with an average availability of 84%, 78%, and 75%. During this period, you will have a wide section to choose from.

When are there fewer vacation rental options available in India?

The months with the lowest properties available in India are, in order, December, January, and November with respective average availability figures of 68%, 69%, and 70%, based on the previous year. However, there is no need to worry because even in the months with the least availability the average is 69%. So you will have no trouble finding your dream vacation rental no matter the time of year.

How many rentals are there in India?

In India we offer you a comprehensive catalog of around 54,000 properties, with options to suit everyone, thanks to our 9 local and international providers.

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