Vacation rentals in Ecuador

Vacation rentals in Ecuador

Vacation rentals in Ecuador

A land of incredibly diverse landscapes

Ecuador is a stunning, diverse destination in South America that should be on your bucket list, if not already. There is an incredible palette of experiences to be enjoyed in this nation of varied landscapes. Climb the closest point to outer space. Photograph 4,000 different orchids. See the rare, wild animals in the most biodiverse island on Earth. Go beach hopping along the coast, or kayak through the Amazon and be greeted by laid back locals in traditional huts. Have a mind opening foodie adventure. The rich experiences that travelers have will create lifelong memories!

Charming, budget-friendly rentals

With a beautiful variety of rentals, from central Quitos to the coast, visitors will have a broad selection to choose from. Enjoy beautifully designed rentals with elegant local touches to jump start your trip! Many of the accommodations feature a cozy living room and dining room, kitchen, internet and terrace, not to mention lovely views of the area. Others include unique amenities like a sauna, hot tub, and pool. They can also host a range of travelers, from solo travelers to large groups of 30 to 90 people! These rentals provide the perfect launch point for an epic vacation!

Vacations in Ecuador

The area and getting around

Quito is teeming with history and culture!

When visiting Quito, first check out the incredible Historic Center, also a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site, where you’ll find impressive colonial buildings and plenty of restaurants and cafés. In this area you’ll also be able to take great photos of the Presidential Palace, especially on Mondays at 11 am sharp to witness the changing of the guard and get a glimpse of the president. Other stops to add to your sightseeing itinerary include the Museo Templo del Sol Pintor Ortega Maila for its fantastic display and preservation of Andean culture as well as an unmissable climb to the top of Basílica del Voto Nacional.

Delightfully unusual cuisine

Ecuador’s food scene is as rich and varied as its landscapes with so many tantalizing new foods to try! Cacao has been an integral part of Ecuador’s cultural heritage for 5000 years! So, a chocolate con queso (hot chocolate with cheese) should definitely be on the foodie agenda! An interesting local breakfast food to try is Morocho, which is basically a milk cereal made with brown corn. Be sure to try other delicacies like Ecuadorian ceviche (raw seafood ceviche), cuy asado (roasted guinea pig) and encebollado (a hearty Albacore and vegetable soup).

Travelers and activities

Ecuador for Outdoor enthusiasts

Ecuador has an unbelievable amount of diversity. At Machalilla National Park and Isla de Plata, travelers will find an area reminiscent of the Galápagos with blue footed boobies, sea lions, turtles and more! You may have thought that the highest mountain in the world was in Nepal. But in fact, Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo is the closest you can get to space because of its location on the equator, beating Everest as the furthest point from Earth’s center by 2,072 meters! Travelers can visit the Province of Chimborazo, get stunning views and enjoy Andean culture along the way.

Ecuador for Culture and History aficionados

Ecuador’s cultural roots run deep, as can be seen by its native traditions and baroque architecture. Many consider Cuenca to be Ecuador’s most stunning colonial city. Founded in 1557 and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic Center of Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca is where visitors will find the most impressive buildings in the area. Quito was one of the first cities in the world to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, travelers will find lots of sights to explore. Learn more about the country’s intriguing history at the City Museum located in Quito’s colonial center.

The orchid capital of the world, is also the biggest exporter of bananas to Europe and supplies 25% of the world’s bananas!

Top 5 travel tips in Ecuador

1. Visit the Galápagos

If this remote island hasn’t made it to your bucket list, it’s only because you don’t yet realize how incredibly beautiful it is! Considered one of the most fascinating places on Earth, about 20% of its rare wildlife are exclusively found on the island.

2. See the equator!

Visit the famous Mitad del Mundo monument (Middle of the World), just outside of Quito, celebrating the famous equatorial line for which Ecuador is named. Even though the actual line is technically 240 meters away, don’t let that deter you from climbing up the monument for breathtaking views and exploring the interactive museum.

3. Tour the Amazon

Covering a third of the country in east Ecuador, travelers will likely get to know the area starting from the village of Baños. The two biggest protected areas are Yasuni National Park and Cuyabeno Wildlife Preserve. At the former, deep in the jungle, you will discover utopia at one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Meet pocket monkeys, tree frogs, green anacondas and so much more!

4.Tour the highest active volcano in the world

Start your excursion at Cotopaxi National Park. This is where you’ll find one of Ecuador’s most iconic sights: Cotopaxi Volcano. It rises straight up from the ground giving visitors spectacular views of the snowy peak from every area of the park. You will also see the smaller Sincholagua and Ruminawi Volcanos.

5. Hit the beach towns

There’s lots of fun and variety to be had in Ecuador’s gorgeous beach towns! Guajaquil is a great area for its beaches, historical sites, botanical gardens and Iguana Park. Montañita has a reputation for being a surfer village and it has a very active nightlife scene. Canoas, Santa Elena and Esmeraldas are also excellent choices for a relaxing time on the beach.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Ecuador

On average, how much do vacation rentals in Ecuador cost?

Last year, rentals in this destination had an annual average cost of around $115 per night.

When are vacation rentals cheaper in Ecuador?

]If you would like to get the most out of your money, the most affordable months to visit Ecuador are May ($95 the average per night for accommodation), April ($102), and November ($107).

When does the price of vacation rentals in Ecuador go up the most?

When it comes to looking for a vacation rental in Ecuador, the months when it is most expensive are, in order of highest to lowest, February, October and March, with average prices per night of $137, $135, and $125, respectively.

Do I need to plan a trip to Ecuador well in advance?

Here, last-minute travelers are welcome, since the average availability in Ecuador is 60%, which is above average for South America, based off last year.

What time of the year can I find more available vacation rentals?

The most available months are, on average, September (with an availability of 66%), October (63%), and August (62%), according to the trends observed in the prior year.

When are there fewer vacation rental options available in Ecuador?

The months with the lowest properties available in Ecuador are, in order, January, December, and November with respective average availability figures of 51%, 52%, and 58%, based on the previous year. However, even during the busiest months the availability rate average is 53%. So you will have no trouble finding your dream vacation rental no matter the time of year.

Are there many vacation rentals in Ecuador?

In Ecuador we offer you an extensive catalog of around 3,800 properties, with options of all kinds, thanks to our 7 local and international providers.

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