Vacation Rentals in Santiago (Dominican Republic)

Vacation Rentals in Santiago (Dominican Republic)

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Santiago (Dominican Republic)

How much do you pay, on average, for vacation rentals in Santiago?

Last year, rentals in this destination had an annual average price of around $120 per night.

When are vacation rentals cheaper in Santiago?

If you want to save as much as possible during your vacation to Santiago, pack your bags and travel there in March ($102 per night on average), July ($104), or April ($110), to find the lowest prices for the whole year.

When does the price of vacation rentals in Santiago go up the most?

Following the data observed last year, costs per night for accommodation here are usually higher, on average, during the months of June ($155), October ($140), and November ($129).

Is it necessary to plan a trip to Santiago well in advance?

Considering the data observed last year, it is an excellent region for a last-minute escape, since it has an average annual availability of 58%, which is comparatively high.

What time of the year can I find more available vacation rentals?

October, September and February are, in order of highest to lowest, the months offering the largest number of properties available, with an average availability of 69%, 68%, and 66%.

During which months is it more difficult to find available vacation rentals?

The accommodations in Santiago reach their peak in demand in June, with an availability rate of 48%. The second most requested month is July, with 49%, and the third is May with 53%.

How many vacation rentals are there in Santiago?

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