Vacation Rentals in Las Terrenas

Vacation Rentals in Las Terrenas

Vacation rentals in Las Terrenas

Peaceful beachside rental locations

Discover the charming town of Las Terrenas and its tropical sandy beaches where you and together with your loved ones, can engage in all sorts of watersports. Las Terrenas is a small fishing town located in Samana Peninsula on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. Las Terrenas' sandy roads embrace the calm water beaches, and for this reason, you will have the most memorable tropical vacation in this historic place. Much of Las Terrenas remains unhabituated, so you can have a chance to explore and bathe in bubbling unpolluted rivers.

The best vacation rentals for you

Rent your piece of paradise with all the modern amenities and in line with your personal preferences. Almost all vacation rentals in Las Terrenas are located a short walk from the beach, making it possible to relax on the balcony while marveling at the sea. The vacation rentals are furnished with all modern comforts to accommodate you and your family. The vacation rentals are spacious enough to accommodate your playful kids and pets. The vacation rentals around Las Terrenas plus the white sand and crystal-clear waters are simply irresistible to travelers.

Vacation rentals in Las Terrenas

The area and getting around

Ultimate recreation center

Tucked on the north-eastern side of the Dominican Republic 45- minute drive from Samana and only 20 minutes from Samana airport. Las Terrenas beach town offers an extensive shoreline and beautiful public beaches. The town remains highly unexploited and a majority of it is covered by tall and evergreen trees making it the ultimate hideaway beach. The trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean warm the town and makes the town have year-round balmy weather. Temperatures in Las Terrenas vary with 18 degrees between summers, making it the perfect reaction center all around the year.

A beach town full of activities

Las Terrenas is well known for its rich Caribbean culture and endless amenities. The town is easily accessed from most cities and features some of the best oases that boasts hiking trails, a golf course, and beaches. The town is a beehive of activities; some of the significant activities in the town include annual professional baseball competitions and art exhibits. Catch of the significant six teams competing from October 27th to January 15th. Have a glimpse of mind-blowing drawings, sculptures, and paintings during the National Biennial of Visual Arts.

Travelers and activities

Las Terrenas for adrenaline junkies

Las Terrenas features twelve zip lines that stand 350 feet above the ground. The zip line can attain a maximum speed of 50 mph, giving you the ultimate adrenaline experience. Las Terrenas offers the best site to kiss your height phobia goodbye if you want to kill your height-phobia. The crew is well trained to guide you. You are also given the necessary protective gear to keep you safe along the zip line. The crew is friendly enough to help you record the whole thing because who would hate to see themselves flying like Tarzan at 5omph!

Las Terrenas for watersports lovers

One of the best and fascinating watersports to play in is kiteboarding. This action watersport incorporates wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, and skateboarding into one extreme sport. If you are the type that is into trying new and extreme sports, kiteboarding is your best chance. The sports offer an excellent breather from your normal beach activities. Kiteboarding will ultimately give you a high dose of serious adventure.

Did you know that Las Terrenas is a French word meaning that a lady owns land!

Top 5 Travel Tips for Las Terrenas

1. Dining at Restaurant Luis

You might miss this restaurant if you go for appearances since it is a simple shack with temporal seats and tables. The restaurants serve some of the delicious Caribbean food. The location of the restaurant allows you to experience the simple pleasures of life, such as a cool breeze and fresh and perfectly seasoned seafood.

2. Dolphin and Whale watching

Humpback whales and dolphins heavily infest the waters around las Terrenas. Take a boat tour to learn and observe these incredible creatures.

3. Scuba diving

In case you have never engaged in scuba diving, it is not too late to give it a real shot. There are numerous professionals to guide you through the tour. You can decide to scuba dive in a pool or the open ocean. Scuba diving offers a moment to interact with the diverse sea world.

4. Los Haitises national park

This is a reverse national park with untouched, undisrupted rainforest and caves. The Park is only accessible via boat. The Park has a wide distribution of flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

5. Visit Boulangerie francaise

This is a French bakery house, and you have to visit it to have a literal taste of France. The bakery house serves authentic French delicacies. You can stop by and have a taste of their heaven-sent baguettes. In case you are craving a savory dish, you can try out their ham.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Las Terrenas

What was the average price for a vacation rental in Las Terrenas last year?

At an average cost of $265 per night, Las Terrenas lies at the upper end of the price range for vacation rentals in the Dominican Republic.

During which months are vacation rentals cheaper in Las Terrenas?

Those who want to be budget-friendly should travel to Las Terrenas in October, September, or August, which are the months that offer the most discount, with average prices of $245, $251, and $255 per night, respectively, based on the previous year.

When does the price of vacation rentals in Las Terrenas go up the most?

Last year, the month that had the highest annual average in Las Terrenas was December, with an average price of $290 per night. This was followed by January, with an average of $286, and then March, with $285.

Should I plan a trip to Las Terrenas well in advance?

If you decide to put Las Terrenas on your bucket list, we recommend planning your vacation long before you go because it is usually very high in demand, with an annual average of 59% of rentals booked the previous year.

When are more vacation rentals available?

October, September and May are, in order of highest to lowest, the months that have the largest number of accommodations free, with an average availability of 55%, 54%, and 46%.

When are there fewer vacation rental options available in Las Terrenas?

The months with the lowest properties available in Las Terrenas are, in order, January, February, and March with respective average availability figures of 27%, 28%, and 34%, based on the previous year.

Are there many rentals in Las Terrenas?

Holidu offers around 540 accommodations in Las Terrenas from 11 different providers, so find the perfect type of accommodation you are looking for. We have everything you need!

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