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Highlights in Aruba

  • Sandy beaches
  • Lighthouses
  • Island life
  • Cultural curiosities
  • Photo opportunities
  • Friendly resorts
  • Great weather

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Aruba Vacation Rentals

Seafront Vacation Home

Sun-drenched, Dutch Island, Aruba offers hundreds of beach villas along the beautiful warm shores. Favorite spots for beach rentals in Aruba include the 11km stretch between Palm Beach and Eagle Beach on the island’s western side and Wailua on the east coast amongst palm tree groves with direct beach access.

Best Rural Retreats and Holiday Villages

When you choose a rental home in Aruba you can opt for direct beach access, garden villas, apartments and bed and breakfast accommodation in the town centre. You can also opt to stay in some of the worlds most idyllic resort villages located right on the beach.

Vacationing on Aruba

Caribbean Island

Located in southern Caribbean in the Caribbean Sea. It is a western island of the ABC Islands and Antilles. It is found north of Venezuela and 68 km northwest of Curaçao.

An Island Dominated by Beaches

Aruba is mostly a flat island with a few hills. There is no water on the island and no vegetation of importance but this is remedied by its amazing expanse of white sandy beaches. Aruba lies on the Caribbean Tectonic Plate and is technically considered part of South America.

A Great Place to Dive and Snorkel

Many people choose to go diving and snorkelling in the relatively calm waters. You can do diving lessons on the island and more experience divers may want to. You can get a PADI qualification and join advanced diving expeditions. Oranjestad is a great choice if you want to go diving in Aruba.



Outdoor Adventures on Aruba

As an island paradise Aruba comes well recommended for outdoor adventures and pastimes. Once you've spent time touring the beaches, swimming and hiking to the lighthouses you can join a kayak tour, go sailing, visit the butterfly farm with the kids or go cycling.

The Ideal Beach Holiday Destination

Few places in the world offer beaches as beautiful as those on Aruba and it is the island's strongest tourist attraction. You can simply spend your days lazing on the sand, strolling along or sipping cocktails at one of the nearby restaurants. It is a great place for kids to play too.

Surfing, Swimming and Waveboarding

Wariruri is located close to the fallen Natural Bridge near the ancient gold mills of Bushiribana. This is an ideal place to go body boarding or surfing and these are popular sports and pastimes on the island. It also offers safe swimming for all ages.

The Caribbean Sea
The Caribbean Sea

Top 5 things to do in Aruba

1. Visit Fort Zoutman in Oranjestad

The Fort Zoutman monument in Oranjestad is a popular day trip for visitors to the area. The Dutch military Built the fort in 1798 and in 1868 The Willem III Tower was added to the west side of the fort. It is the oldest building on the island

2. National Archeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum in Aruba is in Oranjestad. The amazing collection housed at the museum spans from 2500 BCE to the 19th century. Opened in 1981, the Archaeological Museum of Aruba is a favorite among tourists and locals for day trips.

3. Play a Round of Golf

The two main golf courses on Aruba are both challenging and beautiful. Choose between the Tierra delSol 18 - hole Golf Course or The Links at Divi Aruba for a great day spent golfing against the backdrop of sandy beaches and island beaches.

4. Swim at Natural Pool

Located on the windward coast, this pool can be reached after a strenuous hike but is well worth it. You can rent a jeep and the spot is perfect for photos and snorkeling.

5. Visit Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is one of the island's most popular and least crowded beaches, The beach offers sublime blue waters and tiki huts to enjoy. Laze on a deck chair and take in the sights and sounds of an island paradise.

On a clear day you can see Venezuela, and Aruba is also the wreck diving capital of the Caribbean.

Useful Information

Temperate climate

Less than than 20 inches of rain falls in the area each year and the average temperature of 27° Celsius makes this an ideal climate location outside the hurricane danger zone. The cool trade winds keep the island from getting too hot during summer.

Soul Beach Music Festival

The Soul Beach Music Festival is held annually on the island of Aruba on Memorial Day Weekend. This music extravaganza features local and international artists and has been voted in the Top Five Caribbean Celebrations by USA Today, as well as the top Caribbean Summer Festival.