Villas in San Miguel de Allende

Villas in San Miguel de Allende

Villas in San Miguel de Allende

A crown jewel vacation destination in Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is a charming, historic city situated just 165 miles northwest of Mexico City. The city is known for its beautiful Colonial and Spanish architecture, parks, museums, artisan markets, and cobblestone streets. It’s the perfect destination for families, couples, history lovers, and culturally curious travelers. Come explore the narrow walkways, the baroque architecture, and the historical charm. Many Americans who come to visit end up retiring here because the charm is so convincing!

Finding your perfect villa in San Miguel de Allende

Staying in a villa is the ultimate way to experience San Miguel de Allende. Opt for a view with a terrace, where you can enjoy picturesque views of the city while sunbathing on the rooftop. Many villas are set in the downtown district, just a short walk away from restaurants, shops, and attractions. Families and large groups can enjoy oversized villas, complete with a garden and a private pool to splash around in. Villas in San Miguel de Allende are well decorated, with sleek amenities and up-to-date appliances. No need to sacrifice any modern comforts either, since villas here are equipped with high-speed internet, air conditioning, and washing machines. Pet-friendly villas are available for people traveling with pets.

Travelers and activities

San Miguel de Allende for families

San Miguel de Allende is considered one of the most family-friendly destinations in Mexico, with a wide variety of historical and charming attractions that the whole family will enjoy. Head to the Mask Museum where you can see over 500 indigenous Mexican masks that have been used in all sorts of traditional rituals and dances. The exhibition is fascinating for children and adults alike! For a fun and memorable family activity, try one of San Miguel’s more unusual offerings: eating fried grasshoppers. This is a popular street snack that can be found all throughout the city. The locals love them!

San Miguel de Allende for history lovers

San Miguel De Allende is filled to the brim with historical sites. Visit the Sanctuary of Atotonilco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site just a 15-minute drive from the center of the city. The stunning historic church is adorned with intricate frescos and has even been nicknamed the “Sistine Chapel of Mexico.” You can take a taxi here from the city center. For another fascinating historical site, visit the Church of Immaculate Conception. The site was built by a wealthy family in the 1700s when their daughter decided that she wanted to be a nun. Her wish was granted by the King of Spain, and she built a convent for 72 nuns. The church still operates as a convent for nuns today.

The city of San Miguel was founded in 1542 by a Franciscan monk named Juan de San Miguel, who the city was named after.

Top 7 travel tips in San Miguel de Allende

1. Visit the ethereal church at Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel

The pink neo-Gothic facade and towering spires of the church in La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel is without a doubt the most iconic sight in the city as well as a must-see for any visitor. Head inside the church to admire the beauty and details a bit closer.

2. Stroll through lush botanical gardens

Charco del Ingenio is an open air botanical garden and nature reserve space. You can spend quite a few hours exploring the grounds and learning about indigenous plants from all over Mexico. The center is located just a short (but steep) uphill walk away from central San Miguel de Allende, and once you arrive, the views of the city below are spectacular. There’s also an onsite gift shop and café.

3. Do a trolley tour of the city

One of the best ways to see all of San Miguel de Allende’s best sites in a short period of time is by doing a trolley tour of the city. There are two trolley companies in San Miguel de Allende offering tours of the city via an old-fashioned trolley: Tranvia Touristica and Transportadora Turistica Imperial. The 90-minute tour passes by numerous colonial buildings, charming streets, and major historical sites around the city.

4. Shop for souvenirs at Mercado de Artesanias

The open air marketplace of Mercado de Artesanias is a fun place to shop around for local souvenirs. Here you’ll find dozens of artisans selling handcrafted items, like silver jewelry, clothing, and other knick-knacks.

5. Admire the view at El Mirador

For panoramic views of the city, head to El Mirador. It’s a quick and easy walk from the Center of the city to reach this popular overlook. There are quite a few restaurants and cafés here where you can enjoy a bite to eat or a drink as you admire the view.

6. Visit the main square: El Jardin

El Jardin is a great place to stop when you need to take a rest from walking around the city. Plunk yourself down at one of the benches among the many rose bushes in the main square, and simply people watch and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

7. Explore the area on horseback

Horseback riding is one of the most popular day trip activities offered in San Miguel de Allende. Several tour companies offer horseback riding tours in the natural areas just outside the city where you can explore canyons and rivers. Tour operators offer half-day or full-day adventures.

FAQs: Villas in San Miguel de Allende

Which types of facilities are available at the villas in San Miguel de Allende?

Out of the services you can find on Holidu, it seems that the villas in San Miguel de Allende have everything that travelers desire! Here, the villas generally have a variety of amenities, the most popular being: balcony (92%), internet (77%), and garden (73%)...Sounds tempting?

How are villas usually rated in San Miguel de Allende?

On average, the villas here have rather positive comments. According to the Holidu database, 46% of villas have a rating equivalent to or higher than 4.5 stars. This is a relatively high ratio which allows us to confirm that there are many which are very enjoyable and will be the perfect choice for your next vacation.

Are the villas in San Miguel de Allende child-friendly?

Holidu's data reveals that 46% of villas in San Miguel de Allende are child-friendly, it will therefore be easy to find the ideal villa for you and your children.

Are the villas in San Miguel de Allende suitable for travelers and their pets?

Certainly! In San Miguel de Allende, 23% of the villas give you the opportunity to bring along your furry best friend, 73% even have a garden!

Do the villas in San Miguel de Allende mostly have an internet connection?

Certainly! Based on the last year, 77% of villas in San Miguel de Allende have Wi-Fi. You will be able to stay connected throughout your stay!

How much do guests usually expect to pay for villas in San Miguel de Allende?

According to the last year, there don't seem to be many villas in San Miguel de Allende costing less than $100 a night. They can be quite expensive, 12% even cost on average more than $500 a night.

Do the villas in San Miguel de Allende typically come equipped with a fireplace or a pool?

For sure! Based on last year, the villas in San Miguel de Allende are perfect for every season. Here, 62% are equipped with a fireplace and 42% a pool.

Are the villas in San Miguel de Allende suitable for vacations with several people or rather for a weekend break as a small group?

According to last year, 88% of villas are suitable for up to four guests. Approximately 85% of the villas here have at least two separate bedrooms. This is the perfect destination for families of four!

For a luxurious vacation in San Miguel de Allende, are Villas a good idea?

Some villas are, but others aren't as luxurious. So if you are looking for that special accommodation, don't delay in making a reservation because only 42% have a pool, while 27% have air conditioning only 4% have a sauna. However, if it's space you're looking for, 88% of the villas can accommodate large groups, and 73% have a garden.

Do the villas in San Miguel de Allende offer outdoor space to enjoy?

More than half of the villas have a balcony and a view (92% and 62%) making it the best destination for those who dream of waking up to a beautiful view in the morning. 73% also offer a garden, so you will not have any trouble finding your vacation paradise. If you like having your meals outdoors, and especially if you like barbecues, 42% of the villas are equipped with them.

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