Villas in Jamaica

Villas in Jamaica

Villas in Jamaica

The best rental locations in Jamaica

Plan your next trip to the stunning country of Jamaica. You will be able to find this destination located in the Caribbean Sea. With more than 4,240-square-miles of area, Jamaica is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles and in the Caribbean. The country is situated right between Cuba, Hispaniola, and the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands. The country has a population of 2.9 million inhabitants, making it the third-most populous Anglophone country in the Americas. This island was inhabited for millennia by the Taino people until it came under Spanish rule after Christopher Columbus arrived in 1494.

Rental properties in Jamaica

There are plenty of villas you can choose from while planning your visit to Jamaica. You will be able to find properties located on the coastline, in the middle of the island, as well as located right by the capital city. Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of the waves crashing outside of your bedroom window. Spend the afternoon swimming at the beach in front of your property. Invite friends over for a Jamaican barbecue in your backyard. These are some of the many memories you could be making with a rental property in Jamaica.

Travelers and activities

Outdoor adventures in Jamaica

There are many ways to enjoy the splendid landscape of Jamaica during your time there. Head on over to the Negril Beach and Cliffs as your first stop. This area is also known as the Seven Mile Beach and it is one of Jamaica’s most stunning white sand beaches. Here you will also be able to find the famous Negril Cliffs on its backdrop. The beach extends from the Bloody Bay all the way to the Long Bay, making sure you have plenty of space for water sports, snorkeling, and sunbathing. On the other hand, you can also go kayaking on the Martha Brae River. This is one of the most popular activities on the island. You will be able to paddle through the river as you pass by picturesque bamboo rafts, lush forests, and a vast wildlife.

Jamaica for families

If you wish to bring your family with you on your trip to Jamaica, try out these fun activities together. Go on a relaxing nature walk to the Dunn’s River Falls. Here you will be able to encounter a gently terraced waterfall that tumbles over limestone ledges. The hike is quite short and easy to make, and once you get to the destination you will be able to sit down and enjoy a picnic with a view. Another fantastic place to explore with the family is the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. This park became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2015. You will be able to find an unspoiled preserve with around 800 species of plants and over 200 species of world. This is also home to the world’s second largest butterfly.

Did you know that Jamaica has the fastest runners on Earth?

Top 7 travel tips in Jamaica

1. Port Antonio

Take a stroll around the port. While visiting Port Antonio, you will get the chance to check out the 18th-century Fort George, hike around the jungle trails, as well go kayaking in the Rio Grande.

2. Doctor’s Cave Beach

Spend a relaxing day at the beach. You will be able to find this beach located in Montego Bay. Legend has it that in the early 1920s a famous British doctor declared that these waters had curative powers.

3. Blue Hole

Visit the stunning waterholes. Right outside of the Ocho Rios, you will have the opportunity to visit these picturesque waterholes and cascades. These are also known as the Island Gully Falls.

4. Black River Safari Boat Tour

Go on a boat tour. This tour will take you through the mangrove surrounded Black River, which is the longest river on the island. You will be able to spot crocodiles and more than 100 species of birds during the visit.

5. Rose Hall Great House

Check out a historical mansion. This house was built back in 1770. This restored plantation house will provide you with stunning ocean views, followed by an eerie story about the White Witch that lived here.

6. Reach Falls

Go for a swim around the waterfalls. At these waterfalls you will be able to take a dip in its pool, as well as spot the yellow-billed parrots that live in the area.

7. Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain

Have an adventurous ride. This park will be able to provide you with plenty of thrilling activities such as zip lining, bobsledding, as well as roller coasters.

FAQs: Villas in Jamaica

Which facilities are the most searched for by travelers for their stay in Jamaica?

According to Holidu, when travelers search for villas in Jamaica, the most chosen amenities are: internet (23%), pool (16%), and a balcony (13%). Last year, most of the people searching on Holidu selected at least one of these options when finding the perfect villa.

Which types of facilities can you expect to find at the villas in Jamaica?

When looking at the services offered by Holidu, it appears that the villas in Jamaica have everything that travelers dream of! Here, the villas generally have a variety of amenities, the most popular being: internet (91%), air-conditioning (88%), and pool (78%)...Are you convinced yet?

How are the reviews for the villas in Jamaica?

On average, the villas have rather positive comments. Last year's data reveals that 39% of villas have a rating of 4.5 stars. This is a relatively high ratio which allows us to confirm that there are many that are very enjoyable and will be the perfect choice for your next vacation.

Are the villas in Jamaica suitable for vacations with children?

Holidu's data reveals that 55% of villas in Jamaica are suitable for vacations with children, it will therefore not be difficult to find the perfect villa for you and your family.

Are the villas in Jamaica suitable for travelers who wish to take their pets on vacation?

According to Holidu, a small percentage of villas in Jamaica accept pets. We can therefore recommend that there are more suitable destinations in North America for owners and their pets.

Do the villas in Jamaica mostly have an internet connection?

Of course! According to Holidu's data, 91% of villas in Jamaica offer internet connection. So no need to panic, you will be able to stay connected during your stay!

How much does it cost on average for villas in Jamaica?

A lot of the villas in Jamaica are, in general, rather expensive. Based off last year, 53% cost on average more than $500 a night.

Do the villas in Jamaica generally have a fireplace or a pool?

Definitely! According to Holidu, 78% of villas in Jamaica have a pool. This is a dream destination for sunbathing and relaxing by the swimming pool! In addition, 51% even have a barbecue!

Are the villas in Jamaica suitable for vacations with the whole family or rather for a weekend break as a small group?

In Jamaica, based on last year, 65% of villas welcome groups of up to eight travelers, 59% of these villas are made up of at least four bedrooms. But 96% of villas are also suitable for up to four travelers, 94% of the villas have at least two separate bedrooms. Jamaica is therefore the ideal destination for groups of friends of all sizes!

For a luxurious vacation in Jamaica, are Villas a good idea?

Some villas are, but others aren't as luxurious. So if you are looking for that special accommodation, don't delay in making a reservation because only 78% have a pool, while 88% have air conditioning only 2% have a sauna. However, if it's space you're looking for, 96% of the villas can accommodate large groups, and 74% have a garden.

At the villas in Jamaica are you able to have a beautiful view and spend time outside?

Yes, itis the perfect place to breathe in the fresh air and spend time outside! 66% of the villas have a balcony or terrace, and 67% have a view. 74% also have a garden, so you will not have any problem finding your vacation paradise. If you like having your meals outdoors, and especially if you like barbecues, 51% of the villas are equipped with them.

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