Cabins in Yellowstone

Cabins in Yellowstone

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Lodge for 6 people, with view and terrace
6 pers.1 bedroom
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Log cabin for 12 people, with garden, child-friendly
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Log cabin for 4 people, with garden
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Log cabin for 6 people
6 pers.3 bedrooms
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Highlights in Yellowstone

  • Amazing geysers
  • Beautiful views of nature, Varied wildlife
  • Multiple hiking trails
  • Various outdoor activities

Most popular amenities for Cabins in Yellowstone

Internet 5
Balcony/Terrace 2
TV 6
Air conditioning 3
Garden 2
Parking 6

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Cabins in Yellowstone: Most popular destinations

Cabins in Yellowstone

Astonishing lodges in the oldest National Park in the world

Would you love to spend a vacation away from the noise of the city in the calm and tranquillity of the countryside? Visit the imposing and majestic Yellowstone National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, one of the largest in the world with more than 600 thousand years old, located between Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho counties in the USA. Where you will find beautiful and comfortable lodges with all the facilities, so you can enjoy all the activities offered by this unique place in contact with nature such as camping, fishing, hiking and more. Visit its large geyser collection and enjoy relaxing hot springs. Discover the incredible flora and fauna of the place such as its beautiful brown bears, wolves, bison, elk and many more. Yellowstone is definitely an excellent destination to enjoy the peace of nature with your family.

Splendid lodges just yards from amazing Yellowstone

To enjoy all the wonders that Yellowstone has for you, you will find incredible and well accommodated log cabins and lodges that do not leave anything to make you feel at home, spacious kitchens with oven, microwave, hob, fridge, dishes, and utensils with pantry items, comfortable and impeccable rooms to rest with single and double beds that include cable TV, internet service, central heating to keep you warm, additionally you can also rest in its spacious living and dining rooms to share activities and entertainment, and so that do not miss a second of the impressive and dazzling views of the fabulous Yellowstone also include comfortable terraces and large windows to leave you in awe. Furthermore, your pets will be friendly received and offers ample parking

Travelers and activities

Yellowstone for wildlife lovers

The great Yellowstone National Park, is home to the wildlife of 48 states in the E.E.U.U, perfect for animal lovers, offering a great diversity especially of large mammals such as elk, wolves, cougars, bears, rams, badgers, otters, as well as a great variety of birds such as the famous bald eagle, you can take the route that crosses the Lamar Valley road at sunrise or sunset, when this impressive wildlife is most active. If this is the first time in the park, and you do not want to miss photographing these beautiful animals, follow the “spotters” who will teach you the perfect angles, you can also take any other route within those that are marked by the park to be dazzled with the presence of these beautiful species, this is undoubtedly one of the most fun activities to do in Yellowstone. You can also visit the Albright Visitor center where you can enjoy interesting exhibits on Yellowstone's animal life and its origins since the park was created.

Yellowstone for nature lovers

Yellowstone is a unique natural park in the world thanks to its enormous and extensive animal diversity, its natural forests and its phenomenal geothermal features, resulting in incredible geysers and beautiful hot springs such as the Great Prismatic Spring. The most popular attraction in the park, which is located in the center of the Midway Geyser Basin along with other smaller ones such as The Turquoise pool. It is one of the largest hot springs in the United States with a depth of 50 meters, however the most special attraction of this place is its magnificent and vibrant colors around the source with shades of blue, red, yellow, orange and green bright, if you want to get the best view and enjoy the place to the fullest, take the route that goes to the waterfalls of Fairy Falls, where the contrasting views will take your breath away.

„Yellowstone is not only famous for its great geothermal and volcanic activity, but it also served as inspiration to create the animated series, The Yogi Bear, which lives in the Jellystone park with great similarities to the real park.“

Top 7 travel tips in Yellowstone

1. Explore the incredible Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

It is one of the many fantastic places in this National Park, the Grand Canyon is an impressive area to visit, where you can walk through its beautiful hills and enjoy it’s amazing waterfalls that offer a unique natural landscape, typical of Yellowstone, you can tour along the Yellowstone River, with a length of almost 32 km. Take the road north and stroll through the lookout points to enjoy the sights of the place, such as the Brink of Lower Fall with the best and spectacular views of the waterfalls, continue the tour of Red Roch Pointy and the Grand View, where you will get the best views of the Grand Canyon that will leave you in awe.

2. Visit Yellowstone's most famous Geyser

In the Upper Geyser Basin you will find around 100 fantastic and impressive geothermal formations, and one of the most famous in the entire park and perhaps in the world. The Old Faithful reaches altitudes of almost 80 meters and in periods of one hour makes its spectacular eruption of water that one of the longest of all the geysers in the park can last up to 5 minutes. Come to this area and do not miss this incredible spectacle of nature

3. Take the Natural Bridge hiking trail

One of the many activities you can do on your visit to Yellowstone, is cycling or hiking, the route that goes to Natural Bridge is one of the best to practice them, the 4 km round trip route is framed in the most beautiful landscapes from the park and that you cannot miss, it will take you to the stone bridge, although the fact that the passage is restricted, you will be able to admire the spectacular rhyolite rock formation of which it is made, additionally that the route includes a walk by the shore of the wonderful Yellowstone River.

4. Tour the pools of Mud Volcano

This place is not exactly defined by having beautiful and vibrant colors, however it is one of the most important geothermal basins in Yellowstone, and an incredible geographic area to visit. Here you can directly appreciate the effect of acids on rocks to form clays and how they have shaped the earth to create unique landscapes, you will also find a lot of steam, mud and sulfur, take the one kilometer marked route where you can take a look at these impressive formations, visit their main places such as the Grizzly Fumarole or the beautiful Dragons Mouth Spring.

5. Explore the Basalt Columns of Yellowstone

This incredible and majestic park has much to offer its visitors, if you are looking for a quieter place to enjoy the panorama, be sure to visit the Sheepeater Cliff where you can witness the curious hexagonal basalt columns that date back more than 500 thousand years, here you can have fabulous and pleasant picnics and spend a nice time in nature, next to these incredible columns, go south and visit Roaring Mountain and appreciate the beautiful hills of fumaroles.

6. Take a relaxing swim in Firehole River

This great river runs through the most geothermal part of the park, it goes from Madison, through the Upper Geyser Basin, to the Old Faithful, it is one of the few areas where bathing is allowed, its waters have a temperate climate so if you visit in summer it will come to your great to cool off and its surroundings are spectacular, although If you come in winter and want to warm up a bit then you should visit the Boiling River, where its temperatures are a little higher, and you can relax in these spectacular waters.

7. Marvel at views of Yellowstone Lake

If you are walking through Yellowstone, you must visit its majestic lake, one of the largest in America with more than 342 square kilometers, it is not a suitable place to bathe, however you can enjoy activities such as fishing, hiking, enjoy the hydrothermal springs around, fumaroles and incredible geyser, if you come in winter you will find this beautiful lake totally frozen in which you will be able to see the wonderful and unique landscape of the surroundings fully reflected.

FAQs: Cabins in Yellowstone

Which types of facilities can you expect to find in the cabins in Yellowstone?

In regard to the services available on Holidu, it seems that the cabins in Yellowstone contain everything that vacationers dream of! Here, the cabins generally have a variety of facilities, the most popular being: barbecue (84%), internet (82%), and balcony (73%)...Pretty cool!

How are the cabins rated in Yellowstone?

The cabins in this destination often get a lot of positive comments. Many (78%) have a rating of 4.5 stars, which tells us that here, you can easily find a cabin for your next vacation!

Are the cabins in Yellowstone suitable for families with children?

According to the Holidu data, 85% of cabins in Yellowstone are suitable for families with children, it should therefore be very easy for you to find the ideal cabin for you and your children.

Are the cabins in Yellowstone suitable for travelers and their pets?

Certainly! In Yellowstone, 18% of the cabins accept them!

Do the cabins in Yellowstone mostly offer Wi-Fi?

Of course! According to Holidu's database, 82% of cabins in Yellowstone offer Wi-Fi. This means that you will be able to stay connected during your stay!

How much do guests usually expect to pay for cabins in Yellowstone?

According to Holidu's data, there don't seem to be many cabins in Yellowstone that are less than $100 a night.

Do the cabins in Yellowstone usually have a fireplace or a pool?

Yes! According to Holidu's database, 55% of the cabins in Yellowstone are equipped with a fireplace. The perfect destination for a cozy winter vacation!

Are the cabins in Yellowstone suitable for trips in large groups or better for an escape as a couple?

According to the data collected last year by Holidu, 89% of cabins are perfect for families with up to four travelers. Approximately 65% of the cabins here include at least two separate bedrooms. Yellowstone is the perfect destination for a vacation as a small family!

Destinations in Yellowstone for Cabins

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